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When impetuous, anxious, utilitarian and other mentalities are full of contemporary life, it is very valuable to have the spirit of craftsmanship for product excellence and to insist on fulfilling social responsibilities.

A Chinese pulp molding team with keen awareness and pursuit of craftsmanship has been actively practicing the idea of ecological civilization for 24 years, committed to creating green products, and helping to write a new chapter in the cause of ecological and environmental protection.

This is the BST team.

In the 24 years of the track, from a difficult start to serving more than 400 customers around the world, the BST team has released a distinctive forward force, showing the growth process of a pulp molding benchmarking team.

What kind of internal driving force enables a manufacturing enterprise to continuously overcome technical barriers and maintain its position in the industry?

Mr. Baolin Zhao , the head of BESURE Technology, focuses on one thing and is dedicated to life.Mr. Baolin Zhao guides BESURE to take "paper" as the vision of green life and the pursuit of the ultimate craftsman spirit, to achieve a well-known reputation for product quality and brand reputation. Relying on its own research and development of hard-core design, it represents China's manufacturing to bravely enter the world of pulp molding.


Today, as we can see, BESURE Technology has developed into an important supplier of high-end pulp molding equipment, molds, and pulp tableware products, providing customers with one-stop solutions for pulp molding projects.

Turning over the history of BESURE Technology, it has also experienced from small to large, from scratch.
In 1997, BST team began to engage in the production of pulp molded products. Over the past 24 years, BST team has always focused on the professional field of "pulp molding". In the spirit of being better and stronger, the business has been continuously extended to the whole industry chain of pulp molding.

For so many years, the stage of BESURE Technology is not only limited to the domestic market, but also recognized by international customers and manufacturers, and has become a world-class leader in the field of pulp molding. BST products sell well at home and abroad, with customers in more than 60 countries around the world. Currently, it serves more than 400 customers.

"Made in China" is not a satisfactory label to Europeans.As the origin of the world's pulp molding industry, Europe has undeniable strength in scientific research and manufacturing, and has extremely strict requirements on all aspects of imported equipment.

However, BESURE Technology, a Chinese company with both ability and political integrity, has won unanimous recognition from the European market with its professional attitude and product quality.

Just under the test of the epidemic, the European projects of BESURE Technology successfully delivered the automatic high-speed tableware production line, automatic high-speed egg box production line, and automatic urinal production line.BESURE successfully entered the European market, and the market share is among the best among the peers.BESURE Technology has stood out from many strong local European competitors, successfully conquered rigorous and sophisticated European customers, and made the strongest voice for Chinese pulp molding.


BESURE who has gone abroad has always adhered to the "craftsman spirit" of excellence in Chinese culture. In today's high-tech dominated industrial production, the spirit of craftsmanship is particularly valuable.
Especially the "stubbornness" and "persistence" of BESURE make the product have more perfect details, more attractive innovation and more stable product quality, which is the key to the success or failure of the product.

The pursuit of excellence has prompted BESURE Technology to gather top technical and design talents from all over the world, and transform the global talent resources into its own core advantages.BESURE has set up a R&D center in European France—— the origin of the world's pulp molding industry, and hired international industry technical elites to join.The R&D center is mainly engaged in the automatic research and development of equipment and production lines, which makes BESURE technology innovate rapidly, and many technologies are in a leading position in the world.

BST team is dedicated to carving every part, every process and every product, and has been deeply involved in the pulp molding industry for 24 years. At BESURE, the spirit of craftsmanship is becoming a production capacity.The attitude of BST team to manufacture products with heart is the thinking and concept of craftsmanship, the pursuit of excellence in quality, the meticulousness of manufacturing, and the diligent pursuit of technology.


In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of ecological civilization was promoted to a millennium plan. "Beauty" was included in the national modernization goal, and the "socialist ecological civilization concept" was proposed for the first time.Clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,BESURE Technology is being called of duty..
Social responsibility is a must-answer for corporate brand development. Taking the road of sustainable development and realizing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature is the original intention of BESURE Technology.

BESURE takes up environmental responsibility and practices the concept of green development. In the past 24 years, the BST team has always been committed to the research and development and production of high-quality pulp molding products, always taking "paper" as the vision of green life.As a pioneer driver in the field of pulp molding, BESURE Technology has contributed to the global environmental protection cause.

BESURE Technology always regards ingenuity as a belief and then maintains its painstaking pursuit to promote the pulp molding industry to a higher level;BESURE Technology always takes "paper" as green life as its corporate vision, and strives to create a better ecological home; BESURE Technology, always keeping in mind the mission of "service, sharing, co-creation, and symbiosis", plays its role as a benchmark, and contributes to the high-quality development of pulp molding in the world!