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Molded paper moon cake packaging, gift-giving even more brilliantNouvelles

The mid-autumn Festival is coming, more and more gift boxes and bags cause a large number of natural resource consumption and non-recyclable waste.



The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC points out that we should stick to the basic state policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, and form a green development mode and way of life. So under the New Standard, Moon cake gift box packaging where to go?

When adding value, packaging should pay more attention to the concept of cultural atmosphere and environmental protection. More attention should be paid to environmental protection and practicality in mooncake packaging.


Packaging as a consumable, the environmental pressure is no more than huge, pulp molded packaging made of fully degradable material packaging, can degrade compost in a very short period of time, truly achieve zero pressure on the environment. With the advantages of wide range of raw materials, low weight, high strength, high plasticity, natural degradation, etc. !


Food has its source, heart has its root, let the moon cake return to the moon cake, let the packaging have greater value, pegatron pulp molded packaging, environmental protection and high-end peer.